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From the Two Rivers & To the Blight
Parts 1 and 2 of The Eye of The World by Robert Jordan

From the Two Rivers detail To the Blight detail

From the Two Rivers (2002)
Part One of The Eye of the World
Contains a new chapter!
To The Blight (2002)
Part Two of The Eye of the World
Includes an updated glossary

Cover art by Charles Keegan. (Above cover details showing Egwene and Rand).

The Eye of the World (1990) is book one, the beginning, of Robert Jordan's best selling Wheel of Time (WoT) fantasy series.

From The Two Rivers contains chapters 1- 23, ending with Perrin and Egwene meeting Elyas.  It features a new, never before seen chapter -- Ravens.  It's at the beginning of the book, before the prologue, and is 24 pages long.  The new chapter is told from the point of view of Egwene, when she is nine years old.  She sees the other characters from Emond's Field.  Tam al'Thor tells a short story.

To the Blight contains chapters 24-53 and features an updated glossary (24 pages vs. 13 pages).

Both books include maps, and black and white interior story illustrations.

These books are published by Starscape, a new imprint from Tor books which hopes to introduce various science fiction and fantasy books to younger readers.

From the Two Rivers cover From the back cover of From the Two Rivers:

For Rand al'Thor and his friends, life in the sleepy village of Emond's Field has been pretty dull.  Until the appearance on festival night of Moiraine, a mysterious woman who claims to be an Aes Sedai -- a magician who can wield the One Power.  Soon after, the village is attacked by Trollocs -- a savage tribe of half-men half-beasts.  Rand and his friends are forced to flee.  But his escape will bring him face to face with the Dark One...the most powerful force of evil in the universe.

361 pages including glossary

From the back cover of To The Blight:

Pursued by Trollocs and Myrddraal, Rand and his friends have fled the dreadful city of Shadar Logoth.  The many dangers they face are far from over.  Having barely escaped capture and death, Rand finds himself face to face with Aginor: a wielder of the One Power and an ally of the Dark One.
In the battle that follows, Rand will discover his true identity...and destiny.

460 pages including glossary
To the Blight cover

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