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Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game (CCG)
Some cards for the major characters

Dragon Reborn deck Rand al'Thor Perrin Aybara Mat Cauthon
Dragon Reborn
50 Card Starter Deck
Rand al'Thor
art by Darrell Sweet
Perrin Aybara
art by David Cherry
Mat Cauthon
art by David Cherry
Egwene al'Vere Moiraine Sedai Lan Mandragoran WoT card back
Egwene al'Vere
art by David Cherry
Moiraine Sedai
art by Darrell Sweet
Lan Mandragoran
art by Darrell Sweet
WoT Card Back

Shown are "fixed" cards for some major characters in the book The Eye of the World.

There are many, many, many, more game cards! Cards are classified as fixed, common, uncommon, or rare.  As well as character cards, there are event, advantage, challenge, and troop cards.

The Dragon Reborn (Hero) and the Forsaken (Villain) Starter decks are of 50 cards each.  A bonus 8 card booster pack is included.

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game (WoT CCG) is a game for two players.  One player takes the side of light, while the other takes the side of shadow.  They struggle for control of the Pattern. Each player requires his own Hero or Villain deck.

Characters can have abilities, they are denoted by the blocks on left hand side of character art on the cards.  The higher the number, the stronger the ability.  Blocks denoting ability in politics are green, intrigue are blue, the One Power are white, and combat are black.

In addition to the WoT Premier (1st edition) starter decks and booster cards, there are Dark Prophecies booster cards, Children of The Dragon booster cards, and WoT promo cards.

TM and Robert Jordan
Game Design 1999, 2000 Precedence Entertainment

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